Self Regional

Self Regional Healthcare began as Self Memorial Hospital in 1951 and was built to be one of the most advanced hospitals in the country. Local business leader and philanthropist James C. Self personally oversaw the construction and recruited top physicians from across the country. By Act 1554 of 1968, the State Legislature established Greenwood County Hospital Board (the “Board”). In 1969 the Trustees of Self Memorial Hospital conveyed the hospital facilities to Greenwood County which leased them to the Board by long term lease. The Board (appointed by the governor) operates Self Regional Healthcare as a governmental hospital. Mr. Self’s commitment to advanced care with leading-edge technology continues today. The difference is that we’ve grown into a major referral and medical center that provides advanced healthcare services to a population of more than a quarter of a million people. At one time or another, everyone in the surrounding seven counties has been touched by Self. From a broken arm, to the birth of a child or chemotherapy, Self was always there. And we’re still close to home with the latest technology and finest doctors. To separate Self from the community would be impossible. Community is a huge part of what we are, which explains the great sense of pride we feel when people say “I am Self.”

Mission We improve health by bringing advanced care closer to home. Vision Through our exceptional physicians, inspired staff, and innovative technologies, we will be the leading provider of advanced healthcare services for all communities we serve. Purpose Always create the best experience. 

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