Greenwood County


Since you’re here, we take it for granted that you already know about our large beautiful lake. The sunrises and sunsets are worth the price of admission alone!

We have four seasons here. It’s hard to decide which is more beautiful; Spring with the Wisteria, Dogwoods, and Azaleas blooming, Summer with the boats zipping by and 4th of July celebrations, Fall with its glorious oranges, reds, and golds … or fires and holiday gatherings during our relatively mild winters.

There is so much here. We have excellent golf courses dotted all around our beautiful county. Whether you’re looking for a semi-private course or your own club, you’re sure to find a perfect foursome. We have plenty of pristine woods for appreciating nature.

Self Regional Hospital enjoys an excellent reputation and is top rated. Ask locals who have used the new tower and they’ll tell you the patients AND their families are well served. Lander University is thriving. You’ll find a fabulous new Lander sports complex off Montague Avenue. Uptown Greenwood is fully alive with new shops, a theatre, The Federal Arts Building, new gourmet restaurants, and a great new library.

Travel to Ninety Six and enjoy a slice of our history at Star Fort. There are beautiful old homes lining the countryside. This area offers so much. It’s an ideal place to invest in owning your own home. A Wall Street Journal article says South Carolina is THE new destination state. Greenwood and The Lakelands areas will without a doubt, see huge growth as the economy heals. We’ve got it all right here… and with affordable living!

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