Perfectly situated in the heart of the South located midway between Atlanta and Charlotte you will find a vibrant, lively community with an intimate setting that is waiting to welcome you home.

Greenwood, South Carolina is known for its friendly, eclectic people, its magnificent beauty and seasonable but fabulous year-round weather. Many savvy investors have located the hidden southern jewel and proudly invested in our beautiful Lakelands area, located in close proximity to metropolitan cities, mountains, beaches and smorgasbord of entertainment, complete with an easy commute to work.

Lake Greenwood is located just 15 minutes from Greenwood and popular among retirees, singles, couples and families alike. As a Greenwood resident, you’ll live and breathe in a truly gorgeous setting with easy access to local restaurants, shopping centers and great health care. Plus, you’re just a short drive from a myriad of interesting things and rich historical sites to see and do.

Like much of the South, Greenwood enjoys beautifully pleasant year-round weather, which draws oodles of golf lovers, lake enthusiast and new residents to the area. Apart from the weather, the scenery and variations in landscape prevalent throughout the area are truly remarkable. Where else in America could you enjoy a daytrip to the lake, coastline or the mountains while touring interesting historical sites and nature trails along the way?

What initially began as a quiet local village has evolved into a small cosmopolitan city attracting affluent homebuyers and real estate investors from near and far. As the population grew, over time, tiny mill homes and lake cottages gave way to sprawling designer estates tucked away behind lush landscaping; all the while the area’s splendid beauty has remained intact.

Greenwood remains a popular destination, drawing people from all over the country who are seeking its intense beauty while escaping the hustle and bustle of busy big city life. Today the area boasts award winning Lakeside Gold Courses, as well as emphasis on luxurious lakeside living proves irresistible to a wide range of residents from diverse backgrounds.

Perhaps the most challenging part of sifting through Greenwood Area properties for sale is determining which part of the area offers a perfect match for you. With more than a dozen distinct neighborhoods to choose from, Greenwood real estate truly provides something for every taste. Certain neighborhoods offer a wide range of single-family dwellings with country club amenities, while others provide abundant choices in Golf Course and Lakeside neighborhoods with condominiums and townhomes.

As you begin your search for Greenwood real estate, consider prioritizing your list of wants and needs. For example, you may discover that it’s far more important to you to have easy access to work than it is to have easy access to the lake. It’s also important to consider what specific features are “must-haves” in your new home. Price is another important factor that can come into play when browsing Greenwood area homes. Consider completing a quick, simple pre-qualification process to determine an appropriate budget for your new purchase.

Greenwood Realty’s team of professionals will partner with you to find the Greenwood area home of your dreams. Sure, you could spend hours each day scouring the online listings of the Greenwood area properties for sale only to find a new listing quickly slipped through your grasp before you knew it was on the market…We won’t let that happen with our priority notification system. Simply speak with a Greenwood Realty expert and let them handle the legwork.. and the minute that perfect new listing hits the market you will be notified. A Greenwood Realty expert will interview you to discover exactly what you’re looking for in a property, then help you create a list of criteria. Based on that list, your Greenwood Realty team member will conduct an extensive search of available properties and create a customized tour that meets your specific needs.

Greenwood Realty is recognized nationally for its strong customer service dedication and consistently rated among the top real estate teams in the area. Additionally, you won’t find a more competent, more comprehensive service than what Greenwood Realty offers.

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The city of Greenwood was named around 1824 for the plantation of an early resident, John McGehee. Greenwood County was formed in 1897 from parts of Abbeville and Edgefield counties, which were originally part of the old Ninety Six District. This part of the backcountry was not settled until the mid-eighteenth century. The town of Ninety Six was established as a frontier trading post around 1730, and it was the site in November 1775 of one of the first South Carolina battles of the American Revolution. In May 1781 American forces besieged the British-held Star Fort at Ninety Six for over a month but were forced to withdraw when British reinforcements approached. The arrival of the railroad in 1852 stimulated cotton growing and textile manufacturing in this area. Local plantation owner Francis Salvador (1747-1776), who was killed fighting Cherokees during the Revolutionary War, was the first Jewish person elected to the state legislature.


Greenwood’s climate is mild and seasonable, with an average temperature of 68 degrees. While the summer can bring heat and humidity, the spring and fall exhibit mild temperatures and many days filled with sunshine and beauty. Winters in Greenwood are comfortable, with very little precipitation or snow. For visitors, year round outdoor activities are common and popular at local Greenwood attractions.


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