Greenwood Realty

GREENWOOD REALTY, INC. provides a beautiful glassed-in office near Lake Greenwood for your convenience. Why should you have to drive in town, if lake property is on your mind? We’re literally right there for you. Walk-ins are always welcome, although you may want to call ahead and reserve time with your favorite Realtor. During warm months, demand for our professionals peak.

We’re happy to do any research for you, whether you’re buying or selling. Best of all, our lake specialists know water depths, property values and areas. With almost 12,000 acres of water to navigate, and an ever fluctuating market – it pays to work with someone who spends a great deal of time on our beautiful lake. Our Realtors pride themselves in staying on top of what’s happening across the lake. They’re ready to share their well honed knowledge with you, in making your best choice possible.

While you’re visiting, feel free to ask for one of our complimentary lake maps. We look forward to helping you find your own slice of Lake Greenwood heaven! Simply cross over Cothran’s bridge where Highway 72 crosses Lake Greenwood. We’re in the glassed-in building overlooking the lake. You can’t miss us! Greenwood Realty, Inc is right there with our large colorful digital billboard.

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